Sharing Compassion

Last July, I was priviledged to go with two of my coworkers to Ethiopia to film a movie for our annual Sharing Compassion campaign. Ethiopia is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Having travelled to Honduras two years prior, I thought I’d seen enough to have a really good grasp of the reality of poverty. But there, I never sat in a two-room house that is about the size of my daughter’s bedroom.

Our videographer presented us with a couple of options for who we would be interviewing and filming, and we agreed on Selamawit & Nahu.

Nahu, 15, wants to be an engineer so he can design and build homes. Selamawit is 18 and wants to be a nurse, someday. She leads worship at her church and has a beautiful singing voice. They live in a small two-room house in the slums of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She and her brother are orphans. Their mother died when Selamawit was eleven, leaving them without any family—without hope.

But Compassion was there – and through the love of their sponsor and the local church’s partnership, Selamawit & Nahu’s lives are being transformed. Selamawit and Nahu tell their story far better than I can, so I’ll let the video speak:

Compassion existsto eliminate the root causes of poverty for children around the world. Children receive access to education & vocational training; develop social skills; receive access to proper healthcare and nutrition… but most importantly, Compassion gives hope to children through the church with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If this resonates with you, please—give hope to a child and sponsor today.

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