The importance of patience

Daylight Saving Time is upon us in Canada and it is wreaking havoc in my home.

My daughter’s temperament has not been the best since her nap this afternoon (during which I had a nap—which was awesome, by the way), and has been up repeatedly over the two hours since her bedtime (It’s now about 9 pm local time).

“Sousie drop!”


“Brush teeth again?”

Every 15 minutes for the last two hours. We finally caved in the end and gave her another bowl of cereal. And now I think she’s gone to bed for real (it’s been a few minutes since I heard a peep). But there is a teachable moment for me in this, and it’s not that I’m a pushover as a parent.

It’s the importance of patience.

Patience is not something that I’m good with, partly because I’m a part of the immediate gratification generation, and partly because I don’t always sleep enough. But what I’m learning is that my impatience is not really that much different than a toddler’s: I want what I want when I want it, so can I have it now?

I’m realizing that much of my impatience is directly related to how much I trust God. In fact, impatience may actually be the way anxiety manifests itself in my life. Do I believe He’s going to provide for our needs, as Jesus says He does in Luke 12: 22-30? That’s probably the biggest trust issue that exists because it’s the most practical and pressing (as I mentioned last week).

I hope I do, but sometimes I don’t know.

Abigail’s up again and counting numbers out of order (“1,2,3,6,8, 12…”).

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit. Here’s hoping I’ve got enough…

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