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The New Calvinism – The third biggest idea changing the world right now

From the article:

Calvinism…was overtaken in the U.S. by movements like Methodism that were more impressed with human will. Calvinist-descended liberal bodies like the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) discovered other emphases, while Evangelicalism’s loss of appetite for rigid doctrine — and the triumph of that friendly, fuzzy Jesus — seemed to relegate hard-core Reformed preaching (Reformed operates as a loose synonym for Calvinist) to a few crotchety Southern churches.

No more. Neo-Calvinist ministers and authors don’t operate quite on a Rick Warren scale. But, notes Ted Olsen, a managing editor at Christianity Today, “everyone knows where the energy and the passion are in the Evangelical world” — with the pioneering new-Calvinist John Piper of Minneapolis, Seattle’s pugnacious Mark Driscoll and Albert Mohler, head of the Southern Seminary of the huge Southern Baptist Convention. The Calvinist-flavored ESV Study Bible sold out its first printing, and Reformed blogs like Between Two Worlds are among cyber-Christendom’s hottest links.

Mark Driscoll offers his thoughts in two posts at The New vs Old Calvinism | More Thoughts on Time Magazine & New Calvinism

Justin Taylor provides us with another Time Article on the resurgence of Calvinism… from 1947

This news has been spreading around the blogosphere like wildfire, and almost universally, the reaction has been, “What the–?!”

Maybe Christians aren’t so fond of a lack of theological certainty as many would think?

Sola Scriptura Conference March 27-28

Dr. Bruce Ware and Michael Haykin are teaching at the Sola Scriptura Conference, The Risen and Ascended King, March 27-28, at Sovereign Grace Community Church in Sarnia, Ontario. There’s still time to register if you are in the area.

John Piper: What is the Recession For?

Read the transcript or watch the full sermon at

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