Sunday Shorts (03/22)

How to be a Reader when You Can’t Afford Books

Trevin Wax at Kingdom People offers helpful and practical advice on reading a lot without spending a fortune doing it.

Mark Driscoll interviews Matt Chandler

From The

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.799145&w=425&h=350&fv=poster%3Dfiles%2Fresources%2F2009%2F03%2Fdriscoll-chandler-interview-2009-poster.jpg%26videourl%3Dfiles%2Fresources%2F2009%2F03%2Fdriscoll-chandler-interview-2009-big.flv%26title1%3DInterview+with+Matt+Chandler%3A+Video]

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Reflections on the Word “Unchurched”

Josh Harris provides an excerpt from a chapter on the church from his next book. From the original post:

I think that one of the oddest words in the Christian lexicon is the word unchurched. Have you heard someone use this word? Usually it’s spoken by pastors or church leaders talking about the people they want to save. At some point in the 1980s somebody decided that terms like unsaved, unbeliever, non-Christian, sinner and hell-bound pagan were offensive to the people they described. So they came up with the term unchurched in order to have a nice way of talking about people who are not Christians.

This fascinates me. Who decides when new words get to be made up? It seems like a pretty big deal. Was it a group effort? How long did they brainstorm? Did they have a whiteboard? And what were the other options? They could have chosen unchristianed or unjesused.

Looks like it’ll be an interesting read.

The Poll Continues

There’s still time to register a vote in our “What is your church known for” poll—I’m curious to see the results at the end.

On a personal note…

My wife and I are very excited that we’ll be second-time parents at the end of September. Prayers are always appreciated that everything goes smoothly and that (perhaps) God will bless us with a boy to help even out the hormones in our little home.

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