A Real Alternative Lifestyle: Introduction

Alternative Lifestyles.

Typically defined as any socially-unconventional lifestyle, especially (but not limited to) in terms of sexuality, we all know (or are) someone who lives what is considered an “alternative lifestyle.”

Homosexuality. Bisexuality. Polyamory. Alternative medicine. New Age Spirituality. Veganism. Radical environmentalism. These are a few of the things considered “alternative” by Western society’s standards.

But here’s the thing: Most of these aren’t “alternative” at all. Formerly taboo sexual habits are generally widely accepted. Canada, for example, legally endorses same-sex marriage, with polygamy potentially waiting in the wings. Alternative health treatments are available to the masses and even covered by many health plans. Spiritual plurality is the norm, and continues to move forward thanks to the great prophet of our time, Oprah. Environmentalism is the new hot religion of our age, with most Canadians living in fear of David Suzuki’s haunting visage popping through a hole in our walls. Even London is joining in by committing to Earth Hour (where we all turn off our lights for an hour and sing songs to “mother earth” by candlelight…or something).

This is not alternative. This is the world in which we live.

Have you ever wondered about what a real alternative lifestyle looks like?

This week we’re beginning a new series called A Real Alternative Lifestyle. We’ll be presenting stories from people who are striving to live a lifestyle that’s truly alternative: A biblical one.

Hope you enjoy.

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