Sunday Shorts (03/29)

The Tim Keller Wiki

Keller fans have banded together to compile a full listing of audio, video and written resources that are available online.

Muslim Priest and Buddhist Bishop-Elect Are Raising Questions About Syncretism

Jesus saves, the Episcopal Church teaches, but a growing number of its clergy and leaders believe other faiths may lead to salvation as well. Long divided and distracted by questions of sexual ethics, the Episcopal Church (along with most mainline Protestant communities) are facing a cultural and theological shift towards religious pluralism—the belief that there are diverse paths to God.

Facebook Faceoff

I couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking as he pulled out his iPhone and took advantage of a new Facebook application — right in the middle of the sermon.

It was then that I realized the narcissistic machine that is Facebook.

Sharing Compassion

If you haven’t already watched Selamawit & Nahu’s story, visit If you’ve ever considered sponsoring a child, go to

Thanks to the Body of Christ and a Prayer Request

Emily and I have greatly appreciated the amazing outpouring of love we’ve received from our friends and family over the last few days. We are honestly overwhelmed by it. For those of you who are inclined, please continue to pray for Emily in particular as she recovers from her recent miscarriage. Thanks very much in advance.

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