A Real Alternative Lifestyle: Sheena

Last week, we introduced a new series called A Real Alternative Lifestyle, sharing stories of people who are striving to live a lifestyle that’s truly alternative: A biblical one. This week, we begin our series with Sheena, a 23-year-old woman in Ontario, Canada.

Aaron: How did you become a Christian?

Sheena: I was a Sunday School convert and grew up in church. Then in my teenage years I committed my life to God again when I came to the realization that it was what I believed and wasn’t just what my parents or church told me I believed.

Aaron: What does it mean to have a biblical worldview?

Sheena: Having a biblical lifestyle means that I know what is important. I know that God’s values are the ones that I need to value. So many people go through life caring about nothing or jumping around from random issue to random issue. As a Christian I can look at the world knowing what matters and what I need to focus on.

Aaron: As a woman, what do you believe is the greatest challenge you face in living a biblical lifestyle?

Sheena: The greatest challenge I have found in my life and in the life of women around me is distractions. Women often take on a lot and try to be everything to everyone around them, and sometimes that leaves God out of focus. It can take conscious thought at times to slow down and make God the focal point.

Aaron: Why is a biblical lifestyle important to you?

Sheena: A biblical lifestyle is important to me simply because I made the decision to live this way. I choose to follow God and he so lovingly laid out for us how we are to live so it is important to me that I follow that plan to show my love and respect to God. Also so that if someone were looking at my lifestyle it would be clear to them that it is a biblical lifestyle I am living.

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