Challenging content

Right now I’m working on an article for my friends at Small Group Exchange about the concern of having someone you think might not be a Christian in your small group. As you can imagine, the topic is extremely challenging, particularly since I’m doing my best to not come off like a jackass (sadly I do not have the spiritual gift of being a jerk and it going well for me).

I want to throw the question out to you: What would you do if you found yourself concerned about whether or not a member of your small group was actually a Christian?

I hope it leads to some interesting discussion.

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  • sarahbereza

    does it matter whether I *think* someone is a Christian or not?

    Personally, I wouldn’t worry about it…hopefully the person would either grow in their walk with God or begin walking with God. Either way, it’s great that they’re in the small group study.

    Then again, I’m looking at this from the perspective of someone who doesn’t think high-pressure, pray-this-prayer-right-now-or-you-will-go-to-hell evangelism is a good idea…

    • Aaron

      Hi, Sarah; these are great points.

      I agree that high-pressure, pray-this-prayer evangelism is not wise, simply because I believe it produces false converts. I also think it’s great that people are in small group studies… What I think it does bring to the forefront is that we have to be particularly Jesus-focused in our small group studies so that people can begin to walk with Him, as well as ensure we’ve created an environment where people can be confronted in a loving way about concerns we may have for or about each other.