A Real Alternative Lifestyle: Petra

This week, A Real Alternative Lifestyle continues. This week, we hear from Petra, a 24-year-old woman in Ontario, Canada.

Aaron: How did you become a Christian?

Petra: At an Acquire the Fire Conference when I was fifteen.

Aaron: What does it mean to have a biblical worldview?

Petra: I try to live as Christ has taught me to live. I take the moral of the stories that he told his disciples, the character of God, the complete Word, leaving nothing out, and the commandments and apply them daily to the way I live. I don’t accept everything I am told by the world as truth but rather listen to what the Lord and the Bible tell me is true. There is absolute truth that exists in the world, and so as long as I allow the absolute truth to guide my worldview: God is good, He cares for me, turn the other cheek, bless those who curse you, etc. then everything else can be relative. It’s easy for me to be counter cultural, because I’ve never enjoyed doing what everyone else is doing. But what I’m realizing more and more is that the thought pattern of the majority of the world is upside down. I cannot cling to the changing nature of society. It’s too transient, too mutable, and unstable. So, I try to change my thought pattern and listen to the Word.

It would be easier for me to say that I adhere to a particular political party, or that I march in rallies promoting world peace. To an extent, that can be a reflection of a biblical worldview. But really, it starts with your heart and how you treat people on an individual level. If you heart will begin to integrate a biblical worldview, if you allow your eyes, mind, and speech to reflect a biblical world view, if you allow God to change you, then your actions will follow.

Aaron: As a woman, what do you believe is the greatest challenge you face in living a biblical lifestyle?

Petra: Purity in lifestyle. Purity has departed from our lives, sometimes even within the church (but not all the time). We’ve been told our entire lives that we’re to look a certain way, and act a certain way to be accepted. If we don’t dress in a certain manner, or talk about and treat guys like they’re pieces of meat, then we’re not accepted by the average social circle. But, I’ve decided that I will refuse to do that. I don’t need to use sexuality to get where I want to go. I’ll rely on the Lord and the guidelines he has set out for me instead. I turn off the tv when there’s junk on that I don’t need to see, I skip magazine articles that won’t build me up, and things along those lines.

Aaron: Why is a biblical lifestyle important to you?

Petra: The world will not see my heart, but they will see my actions. Christians will be judged by others by their actions. The only way Christians will be set apart from the rest of the world is through their actions. Our lifestyle is one of the greatest witnessing tools we have at our disposal.

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