The first days: new temptations

I’m two days into my break from podcasts and supplemental books, and it’s been interesting. Honestly, I don’t know how much I’ve really noticed as far as a difference is concerned, but I can say that I’m enjoying the break right now.

Adam, John and I flew to San Francisco on Monday morning. I brought my Bible & notebook (and a book about the self-help industry called SHAM).

No iPod.

No other books.

It’s kind of nice. I don’t have the (literally) hundreds of options to choose from that I do at home.

So, that ‘s awesome.

I think the biggest temptation has actually been using television as a distraction. I don’t have cable at home, and Emily and I rarely watch anything on our TV. When we checked into our hotel room, there were tons of channels to choose from.

Here’s the thing though: There’s really not that much worth watching.

An episode of Bones was interesting around 3 in the afternoon. I half watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother, but was only half paying attention. I watched half an hour of 24 last night, but it wasn’t all that interesting.

So here’s what I’m wondering: What if we turn off the TV for a while? I know a lot of us have “our shows”—the ones we have to watch every week—but maybe it would be helpful for us all to turn them off for a week or two and see if we really miss anything?

Am I out to lunch?

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  • Mrs_Strongarm

    You are not out to lunch. I know that I have my radio podcasts that I have to listen to, although actually I don’t mind missing a few days, because then I get to listen to a bunch of them at once. But maybe that’s just as bad. I don’t know.

    • Aaron

      I don’t know either… I guess it comes back to you do you actually “have” to listen to them, or do you just like to?