Why don't we share our faith in Christ?

Sunday, our pastor is concluding what’s been, without hyperbole, the best sermon series they’ve done in my four years at Gateway Church (my wife was shocked—in a good way—when I said this the other day). It’s been challenging, convicting and inspiring. Most importantly, it’s been centered on one of the crucial distinctions of the Christian life: Unless our works and our passions are connected to the cross, they are nothing more than good will.

In anticipation for this week’s message, Pastor Rick sent out an intriguing question that I wanted to throw out to all of you who are reading:

Why don’t we share our faith in Christ?

Take a moment and share your thoughts. Looking forward to some great discussion.

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  • http://seanchandler.net Sean Chandler

    For me it’s a combination of not wanting to be rejected, not knowing many non-Christians, and not wanting to come off like a Jesus-salesman. Working at a church, I’m surrounded by professing Christians. When I do have meaningful relationships and interactions with non-Christians, it isn’t difficult to have spiritual conversations.

  • http://hardwords.wordpress.com Aaron

    That’s definitely one of the biggest challenges about working in a Christian environment, isn’t it? I work at Compassion Canada (a Christian charity), and there’s no one to really share my faith with who doesn’t already profess faith in Jesus.

    I’ve actually found it difficult to have spiritual conversations with many people, as it seems to be a place where I’m not permitted to go, particularly with family. But I have to wonder if that should be a reason to not?