Responding to the Question

Yesterday, I posed the question Why don’t we share our faith in Christ? 

Today, I thought it would be wise to give you my thoughts.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s because we’ve bought into the lie that it’s okay to like Jesus, as long as you don’t love Him. It’s okay for us to go to church as a hobby, but it’s not okay for it to mean anything. It’s okay to
be a “Christian” as long as it doesn’t affect any area of your life beyond what you do on Sunday morning (and even that’s up for grabs).

I know that I’ve caught myself hesitating at times because I worry about being seen as “the weird Christian guy”… The one who actually talks about Jesus like He matters. And, I’ve often lost an opportunity to speak because I’ve hesitated.

The fact is, if my faith means anything, I have to talk about it. Not just blog about it, or wax intellectual, but really talk to people. My friends who aren’t Christians. My family who aren’t Christians. I’ll be honest, it’s really scary for me because I’ve already lost friends because of it. I’d prefer to not lose more. But there in lies the dilemma: Is it really faith if it doesn’t cost me anything?

Maybe I’m over thinking?

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  • mom2olivia

    Hey Come by my blog and read a bit; I think I have answered your questions. Long story short… When we truly live for Christ, not everyone is going to get it, or get us; just look at the disciples, there were only 12 out of how many “said” that they truly followed. Chew on that for a minute. I have been there, done that, which you speak of. I got to a point where it’s all or nothing for Christ. I know that’s a hard sell for many Christians, but don’t you think God deserves it. If we truly trust HIM, then He’s gonna reward our faithfulness and He is going to work out everything for the good of those who truly love Him. Keep seeking and surrendering. He never gave up on us, so lets not give up on Him. Blessings, Robin

  • Aaron

    Great stuff at your blog, Robin. Thanks for coming by today to share your thoughts and encouragement.