Abraham Piper: Jesus Followers vs. Christians

This is arguably the best quote I’ve read in weeks, so I thought I’d share it tonight. It comes courtesy of Abraham Piper at 22 Words:

Self-applying the term Jesus follower for accuracy or lexical variety is good.

Doing it to distance yourself from other Christians is cowardly.

There is a lot to chew on here. Drop a comment and share your thoughts.

HT: 22 Words

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  • http://seanchandler.net Sean Chandler

    Great quote. I know a lot of people self-applying the term “Jesus Follower” to distance themselves from Christians. I get the desire to be distant from other Christians (there are lots of weirdos and foo-foo Christians…Christian bookstores and radio prove that), but we’re still supposed to be unified despite our differences.

  • http://www.tenthfloor.ca jesusvsreligion

    If the Church is God’s family, and we are adopted children into that family, it would be the equivalent of disowning our family name. What could be more insulting to your father than that?

    • http://hardwords.wordpress.com Aaron

      Adam, you bring up something profound here. Trying to distance oneself from the rest of the family isn’t just cowardly, but it’s an insult. Well put.