Bono in a Bathrobe?

Regardless of the topic, everyone has an opinion. The other day, I ran across a great quote (courtesy of Kevin DeYoung via Josh Harris) on a certain someone that I know everyone has an opinion on: Jesus, and specifically His popularity.

“Jesus is popular with a lot of people today because they view him as Bono in a bathrobe.”

So, what do you think? Is Jesus popular with a lot of people because they view him as Bono in a bathrobe? Is there more to it for most?


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  • Troy

    The problem at large in this modern day society is a complete lack of something that used to be called “Holiness”.

    YHWH is a friend but he is also the Lord God Almighty, King Of The Universe, Majestic and High, Holy and Pure.

    It’s wonderful to appreciate the fact that YHWH does INDEED have a sense of humor, as did Jesus, and as does the Holy Spirit – but we must never cast our pearls before the swine.

    Who am I to judge Bono’s heart – even a donkey can be made to deliver a message.

    • Aaron

      I think you make an excellent point regarding the lack of holiness; I know I certainly have a long way to go in my growth in holiness, particularly when it comes to my words.

      That said, I wonder if the concern that DeYoung brings up in this quote is more of a lament of the lack of a biblical foundation as to who Jesus really is? That many view him as a “rockstar” type figure who says things we don’t like, but doesn’t have any real authority in our lives?

  • Troy

    I disagree with your analogy.

    Jesus was INDEED a rock star in his day. He had multitudes of crowds following him everywhere to the point that he had to hide himself just to pray and get sleep. Sometimes he had to hide himself even from his own disciples.

    U2 might draw fans who camp overnight to buy tickets, but Jesus had crowds that would walk for days, sometimes weeks, just to hear him speak.

    He was indeed a celebrity with a massive amount of wealth. This is where we need to pay close attention to detail in the scripture. He had a group of 70 men, most of whom had wives and children, traveling around with him. A their leader, it was his direct responsibility to feed them, clothe them and shelter them at all times. This required money. And lots of it.

    Enter a treasurer. One who had to be put in charge of all this disposable income. Remember that people were being healed of all kinds of sickness and diseases that were untreatable at the time. Surely they were honoring Christ with donations. Surely they were glad to give their life’s savings as thanks.

    This treasurer turned out to be a thief and a betrayer, as we all know.

    • Aaron

      You are correct that he was indeed a rockstar in His time. I’m speaking more of the issue of authority. Men like Bono, despite being prominent public figures, are ultimately easy to ignore, regardless of their intentions and profile. I guess my question is do those who see see Jesus in this way believe He has any real authority in their lives?

      It certainly makes me need to question how my life reflects His authority, which I guess is the point.

      Your rebuttal is much appreciated (although I’m curious about the basis of the “massive amounts of wealth” as there are several texts that indicate that they had little in terms of funds, such as Matt. 8:20 and Matt. 17:24-27).

      Hopefully I’ve clarified what I meant a bit better.

  • Jeney

    At the risk of being obnoxious (Oh, who am I kidding – I’m totally obnoxious), I’m going to quote myself (if I don’t, nobody else will):

    More and more I read and hear Jesus Christ being minimized and made into a “nice man”. He doesn’t raise His voice. He understands. He is content to sit on the sofa in your garage while you work on your car. He is cool with hanging out down at the pub while you throw back a few with your buddies. He’s Jesus. He’s cool.

    “But that isn’t the Jesus I know. That isn’t Jesus at all.

    There’s a song I’ve been listening to lately. One of the lines repeats:

    You’ve never seen a lion roar like this before.

    My Jesus – He roars. He is mighty. He isn’t content to hang out in the living room watching your kids play video games. He isn’t an unassuming milquetoast wearing a vintage cardigan. He is the King. He is the creator of all that has been created.”

    And that thing that was said about holiness: EXACTLY. I think this is exactly what is missing in modern day churches. God is HOLY. This is what changes a Christian from ho-hum to fiercely dedicated – realizing they serve a holy, holy God.

    • Aaron

      “My Jesus – He roars. He is mighty… He is the King.”

      Amen and amen.