10 Reasons Not To Invite People to Follow Christ at Your Church

Craig Groeschel provided the following 10 reasons why we don’t invite people to follow Christ at our churches. I’m not in vocational pastoral ministry (the folks to whom Craig’s blog is directed), but I found several points challenging and convicting.

  1. You are afraid of rejection.
  2. You think everyone at church is already a believer.
  3. You wouldn’t dream of offending someone.
  4. You don’t really believe the gospel changes lives.
  5. You are so busy preaching about “sex” or “how to have a better life” that you don’t have time to present Christ.
  6. You would rather tell another joke than spend time explaining the gospel.
  7. You don’t want to be criticized for being narrow minded.
  8. You care more about everyone feeling welcome than about their eternity.
  9. You are embarrassed to talk a lot about Jesus.
  10. You don’t really really believe the gospel yourself.

So what do you think? What points on this list convict us?

Does your church invite people to follow Christ? Do you?

HT: Sean Chandler

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  • preachermarsh

    It should be added that many preachers don’t have a purpose in their sermons. No purpose = no result.

  • http://www.srdesigns.ca Mrs_Strongarm

    Ouch factor! I would say this not only applies to pastors but anyone (and I know you just made that point but I’m restating it, because that’s what we like to do ’round the Armstrong household).

  • http://www.remissioned.com remissioned

    #10 is the hardest hitter

    • http://hardwords.wordpress.com Aaron Armstrong

      It cuts deep, yeah.