Driving for Jesus

So we’re going on a bit of a road-trip today.

This morning, we’re heading up to Harriston to drop Abigail off with my Mom for a couple days, and hopefully pick up some delicious baked goods at the Harriston Bakery. From there, we are off to Toronto for a high-school friend of Emily’s wedding, which will be outdoors and a potluck (hence the need for delicious baked goods). Then, we will drive back home to get some sleep.

We’re looking at about 6 hours of driving.

But here’s the thing: I really hate driving that much. Other drivers make me angry. They’re selfish, impatient and won’t get out of my way, dangit! (After all, I have places to go.) And like a good Canadian, I hate Toronto.

Because I get frustrated on the road often, especially whenever I have to drive to Toronto, I frequently find myself meditating on 1 Cor. 10:31:

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

Imagine driving to the glory of God. What does that look like? For me, it means finding ways to redeem the time. For six hours, I get to spend time with my wife, four of which are just the two of us. We can listen to some good teaching via the iPod or an audio book (I’ve got three to listen to – Oswald Chambers: Abandoned to God, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and Crazy Love). We can talk about what God is teaching us through our study of the Bible. We can talk about what we hope the future will bring.

Just looking at the short list above, there are some pretty great ways to use the time and drive for Jesus.

What about you, dear reader? What are some ways you redeem your drive time, and drive to the glory of God?

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