Daniel Akin on Preaching the Old Testament

“Jesus is the hero of the Bible. The Old Testament anticipates Him. The New Testament explains Him. This is not a novel idea. The church fathers were thoroughly Christo-centric in their preaching. After all, they got it from the apostles; they got it from Jesus. Jesus teaches us in Luke 24 that all the Scriptures are about Him. All of it.

So, hear me, and hear me well—We dare not treat the Old Testament like a Jewish Rabbi. We are not Jewish Rabbis. We are gospel heralds, gospel preachers, gospel ambassadors, and therefore we preach Christ and His gospel in all the Scriptures… If you treat the Bible in such a way that a Jewish Rabbi or a Unitarian would be comfortable, then you have treated the Bible wrongly and improperly and honestly, you have missed preaching the gospel.”

(From the Acts 29 boot camp in Raleigh, North Carolina)

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