Joshua Harris Killed by Evil Beanbag

“In the end there, that was me being killed by evil.”

HT: Evangelical Village

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  • Mrs_Strongarm

    Now that was some good church drama!

    When thinking about the question P. Harris poses, I would say that the big “pull” that I constantly need to turn away from is materialism, specifically hypothetical house hunting. Even though we’re not looking for a house it is a constant temptation to want to look up houses and see what up for what $, what some kitchen in some house looks like, what the yard is like, blah blah blah. I don’t even need to know, but I WANT to know, and I don’t even know exactly why.

    Now, will hypothetical house hunting kill me? I don’t think it would directly, but it would eat up my time, shift my focus from Christ’s work or me, and decrease my joy in what God HAS given me. And so that’s why I must turn from it, sometimes on a daily basis.

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Have I mentioned how much I appreciate your willingness to be transparent about issues you struggle with? Because I do.