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Collision Available for Pre-order

From the website:

COLLISION carves a new path in documentary film-making as it pits leading atheist, political journalist and bestselling author Christopher Hitchens against fellow author, satirist and evangelical theologian Douglas Wilson, as they go on the road to exchange blows over the question: “Is Christianity Good for the World?”. The two contrarians laugh, confide and argue, in public and in private, as they journey through three cities. And the film captures it all. The result is a magnetic conflict, a character-driven narrative that sparkles cinematically with a perfect match of arresting personalities and intellectual rivalry. COLLISION is directed by prolific independent filmmaker Darren Doane (Van Morrison: To Be Born Again, The Battle For L.A., Godmoney).

COLLISIONwill be released on October 27, 2009.  It will be available on DVD and will premiere at theaters in New York and Los Angeles.  The DVD is available now for pre-order on

Andy Naselli: Do We Have Free Will?

Over at Reformation 21, Andy Naselli addresses the question of free will:

Non-Christians and Christians alike often give the same answer to difficult questions like these: Why did God allow sin in the first place? Why does God save some people and not others? Why does God send people to hell? Why can living like a Christian be so frustrating? The immediate solution often suggested is simple: “free will.” To many people, it’s a satisfying answer: “Oh, that makes sense. Yeah, God does x because he has to preserve my free will. Yeah, OK. Next question.” I’d like to suggest that we re-think this important issue.

This is an article that requires a few minutes, so don’t skim when you read it.

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Unpacking Forgiveness

Also at Reformation 21, Chris Brauns unpacks forgiveness:

I’ve been thinking recently about something television star Kelsey Grammer said.  It’s not because I saw a rerun of Cheers. Unfortunately, the context is tragic. Grammer has me thinking about well intentioned people who end up “packing unforgiveness.”  Where deep wounds are concerned, there are those who try and do what they believe faith requires.  Yet, they end up hurting all the more.

Read the full article.

In cased you missed it

Here are a few of this week’s notable posts:

God and the Weather: Intrepreting Providence Addressing God’s sovereign control over nature in light of the recent tornado in Minneapolis—how do we interpret providence?

Everyday Theology: Just Listen to Your Heart Should we really listen to our hearts when all they do is lead us into sin?

Cultivating Thankfulness How God’s sovereign rule leads us to be thankful in all circumstances

Trusting God Reviewing Jerry Bridges’ book responding to the question, “Can I trust God?”

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    The article on Unpacking Forgiveness was timely and clear. It went straight to my heart and head where I needed it so.
    Thank you , as always, for making my stops here worthwhile.