The Difference is Jesus

For those who may not know, I sponsor two children through and work for Compassion International. Compassion connects you and your church to the church in the developing world to bring the eternal solution to poverty to children, families and communities: The gospel of Jesus Christ.

And I am exceedingly pleased to announce the launch of The Difference is

There are many organizations that do a wonderful job serving as Christ’s hands and feet around the world, doing what they can to make a difference in the lives of children. Education, water projects, mosquito nets, AIDS intervention, food… I praise God for all the organizations that are caring for the poor. And as a sponsor with Compassion, I know that these initiatives are incredibly valuable (because we do them, too).

But our passion goes beyond these.

As important as these things are, I don’t sponsor with Compassion because I’m passionate about water. I don’t work there because I’m passionate about food distribution.

I’m passionate about the gospel.

And that’s what Compassion is passionate about, too.

Children and parents hear the gospel from volunteers from their own communities—their own neighbors. The gospel is proclaimed in word, and it is lived out in deed, as the church ministers to its community. Thousands of children who are served by the Compassion’s church partners find hope for a better future every day. One with opportunities instead of despair. And every year, thousands of children find hope in the salvation offered only in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Because the reality is that poverty won’t end because of education or food distribution. It takes more than any human effort can to forever end poverty.

Jesus is the one who will bring an end to poverty.

We created The Difference is because we want you to know about our passion—and, honestly, it’s one I hope you share.

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