Religion Saves: For Your Consideration


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my review of this book’s content.

After roughly 4000 words over three posts examining what I appreciated and what I found lacking in Mark Driscoll’s latest book, Religion Saves & Nine Other Misconceptions, what have I learned?

Three positives:

  1. Overall, this book is truly the most mature of Driscoll’s books to date
  2. Driscoll has a great deal of passion for seeing men and women live a life of holiness—especially living lives of sexual purity, an issue that is particularly prevalent for the members of his church
  3. Driscoll is brilliant at making difficult theology accessible for the average person

Three negatives:

  1. Driscoll, despite his passion for holiness, tends to be a bit too flippant when talking about sexuality at times
  2. His sense of humor gets a bit tired at times
  3. He sometimes tries too hard to prove a point, which can actually distract from his point (as is the case with humor)

Religion-SavesOf the nine chapters in Religion Saves, I felt the strongest were Birth Control, Predestination, Grace and The Emerging Church. The weakest, despite still being quite profitable was Humor. There is enough valuable content in every chapter for anyone who find a great deal of benefit from reading this book. I would particularly recommend this book to any pastor, small group leader and fathers. There’s a great deal of rough terrain that is covered in the book that affects all of our churches from sexual sin and confusion in acceptable dating relationships, and especially the pervasiveness of questionable teaching and false doctrine that is increasingly present within Christian churches.

The one thing you can always be sure on with Mark Driscoll, whether you love him or loathe him, is that he’s going to try to point people to the risen, glorified, Jesus—the King of kings, and Lord of lords. His big issue is that his sense of humor gets in the way sometimes. As Michael Krahn astutely pointed out in his review of Vintage Church, “In one sense, you could say that Driscoll is trying to augment the offense of the Gospel with his own form of offensiveness.” And as Michael rightly says, the gospel requires no such assistance.

You will not find someone who sits idly as false teachers confuse our brothers and sisters in Christ, nor will you find someone who is eager to shoot people simply because he disagrees with them. You will find a man who loves God, loves the Bible and wants to see people meet Jesus.

And I believe there’s a great deal in Religion Saves that will encourage people to grow in their love for Him.

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  • Michael Krahn

    Oddly enough, this over-the-line humour was one thing that really drew me to him at first. I guess he and I have both matured since then.


  • Clark

    I really enjoyed your reviews of this book and I can’t wait to read it for myself. Thanks!

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Clark, I hope you’ll be posting a review of your own when you’ve read it – I’d love to read your thoughts on the book. Have a great day!