Attack of the Ginormous Study Bibles

I saw this video over on Ed Stetzer’s website and it gave me a good laugh. I love my ESV Study Bible—it’s fantastic. It’s packed with information and really, really helpful.

And, as an added bonus, it’s big enough to use as my home security system!

(I wonder if the folks at Crossway would consider that as a selling point?)

I don’t know much about the HCSB translation, aside from taking a quick look on their website, but it looks like a pretty decent translation. Very easy to read, which is always a plus.

So, if you’ve got a Study Bible, what do you like about the one you have?

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  • Sean Chandler

    I’ve got a huge stack of study Bibles.


    ESV Study Bible
    NIV Study Bible

    …tons of helpful notes which give cultural context, theology, and lists

    Close to Favorites:

    Reformation Study Bible
    John MacArthur Study Bible

    …good notes which are mostly theological with an obvious bias

    Others I Pick Up Frequently

    Life Application Study Bible – I like it for it’s…hmmm…”creative exegesis” & lists

    Quest Study Bible – It’s an older study Bible for teens. The notes are in the form of questions and answers

  • Keystone

    In my many days of travel in sales, I always needed solitude from everyone at lunch. So I picked up some take-out food and then went to a nearby church. I walked the aisle up to the altar, and looked to the page opening of the Bible.

    God knows i do this, so I figured He would inspire someone in any town I went to, to open the Bible to the page He wanted me to read.
    The food was take-out for my body.
    The Bible pages were take-out for my soul.
    I would then return to my car and eat, and read in solitude; prepared for part two of the day.

    [I only entered one church in my life (near Ground Zero in NYC) that had the Bible MISSING as well as closed. Someday, a revelation on that.]

    One time, I was in Lancaster, PA, and had my food, when I spotted Lancaster Bible College chapel. I entered this spot at random to secure my soul food for the day.

    I read the opened pages and was astonished. It was John 3, but I thought it was Ebonics or something.

    John 3: 16 was opened and it said:
    “God love all da peopo so much dat he sen, his one an ony boy, to die fo us”.

    I asked students nearby where I could get a copy of this Bible.
    They sourced me a Bookstore in town. It was not Ebonics.
    Rather, the translation was a rare Hawaiian pidgeon language, and required a special order to obtain. Its simplicity allows much room for relationship to the Lord, and easy understanding, as if in the language one uses to your children. Yet, it is not a kid Bible.

    If you are visiting a town sometime, stop at any Christian church and walk the aisle to an open bible and see what God has inspired for YOU that day. He already knows where and when you will show up; and inspires the page opened to what HE wants you to know.