Kindle comes to Canada

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So there was some exciting news today: The Kindle is coming to Canada. But there’s a catch: It doesn’t have the full capabilities. No browser. No blogs. And it may not even have access to the full library of books available.

I’ve been curious about the Kindle and e-book readers for some time, but have never really had an opportunity to see what one is capable of. Sony’s e-reader is interesting, and I’m really curious about the much rumored Apple iTablet or Mac Tablet (or whatever it may be called) but I don’t know…

I really love the texture of printed books, the feel of one in my hands and the ability to write notes in the margins. That’s not something I can do on any existing e-reader as far as I know.I’m not against the idea of e-books. Generally the only ones I’ve read have been PDFs that I’ve read either on my iMac or my laptop, which is fine. And in all honesty, the idea of a good e-book reader is very appealing, especially if it had the functionality to transfer quotes and references into articles (I can dream, can’t I?). Plus, storage would be mighty handy.

But what about you?What do you think about the Kindle?

Are you open to the e-book format?

What are the pros and cons in your mind?

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