Christmas Daddies: Building a Memory

Yesterday, was the big day: My Christmas Daddy-Daughter date with my lovely daughter, Abigail.

This was a really important one for me; I really want to make sure she has some great memories (as much as I can help, anyway), so I did my best to pull out all the stops. First up, her favorite breakfast: French toast (it was delicious).

After a lovely breakfast, we were off to the main event: Sesame Street Live!

We took a few photos:

The Sesame Street players take the stage and all the kids go wild. Well... except for the ones who cried.

Abigail, having only seen Elmo and the gang on TV, watches in amazement. Mind successfully blown. Point one for Daddy.

Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover and the cast put on a big finish. Kids with low blood sugar are having a fit. But not my girl (she had a fistful of cotton candy).

After a jam-packed morning, we capped off our date with some delicious chocolate mint cupcakes at the market. Daddy wins!

So, was the day successful?

I think so. I asked Abigail what she was thankful for today when we were saying our prayers, and she said, “Elmo” with a smile.

Fellow dads (and someday dads), let’s make sure we take full advantage of every opportunity we have to bless our kids with great memories. I don’t know if Abigail will remember the particulars of today even a week from now, but I hope she’ll remember one thing: Her dad loves her a whole lot.

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    its me elmo my favorite