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Breaking Spiritual Strongholds

A new story from The Difference is

Ajinta and her family worshipped Maran Buru and other spirits and performed witchcraft to bring prosperity to their home. But instead of prosperity, she found only strife. Sickness prevailed in her home and fights raged, despite their fervent prayers and the sacrifices they offered.

In times of illness, they went to witch doctors to perform the rituals of calling upon spirits for recovery. Their lives revolved around sickness and fear. Instead of being delivered from their plight, Ajinta and Bablu, her husband, only found more tension.

In other news 

Andy Naselli on hermeneutics

The Wonder of Apple’s Tablet (via Josh Harris)

What Do David and Saul Have to Do With Christmas?

Tim Challies and Luke Muehlhauser are exchanging letters on faith. It’s pretty interesting so far.

In case you missed it

Here are a few of this week’s notable posts:

Republishing Charles Spurgeon’s “The First Christmas Carol:” Part one | Part two | Part three

A short film on whether or not the Christmas story really happened

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  • Keystone

    This post introduced an exchange of letters, agreeably, between Christian Challies and atheist Muehlhauser. In all honesty, I had never heard of either men until this post. I know of no followup to the above introduction.

    However, when we engage those who are not believers, the Great Commission to go out to the world is followed. Many have no clue how to do this, so a reading of an example where it has been done may help you personally.
    I have yet to read all comments at BOTH blog sites, however the letters and all comments are in this link:

    What say you to all of this?

    • Aaron Armstrong

      I think what I appreciated most was that both Tim and Luke were very civil in their back and forth (note, this doesn’t surprise me particularly on Tim’s side, as he is rarely ever harsh in the way he communicates). As he mentioned in his last letter, Tim cares far more for people than he does for issues, and that certainly shines through.