Around the Interweb (02/21)

How do you lead worship after learning your 2-year-old grandson has leukemia?

Bob Kauflin answers that question. Here’s an excerpt:

We don’t lead others out of a vacuum or a sanitized form of Christianity that bears no resemblance to normal life. It’s important that we take time to grieve, acknowledge pain, and confess our struggles. But when, not if,  you find yourself leading out of weakness, challenges, and trials, don’t minimize what’s going on or succumb in despair to your burdens. Lift your eyes, even as you lift the eyes of others, to the Father whose compassions never fail and to the Savior whose mercies are new every morning.

Whether God changes our trials, or more importantly, changes us through our trials, we praise him now in joyful anticipation of the day he will wipe away every tear from our eyes (Rev. 21:4).

PS We found out that because Jack is responding so well to the chemo treatments, he’s coming home today. God is good.

HT: Justin Taylor

In other news

The winner of the Hear No Evil giveaway is Amelia Sipress! Congratulations, Amelia!

Jared Wilson: Our Father neither snickers nor sighs

The mystery of iniquity (via R.C. Sproul)

In case you missed it

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