Good Marketing Doesn't Take Itself Too Seriously

Toyota hired some great people to work on the new campaign for the Sienna. The concept is actually pretty clever and executed quite well. Check out the video for the “swagger wagon:”

There’s an important lesson:

Good marketing doesn’t take itself—or its audience—too seriously.

Sometimes you need to have a little bit of fun with your audience.

What are some examples of “fun” marketing that you’ve seen recently?

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  • Don

    Thanks for showing these Aaron – these are terrific. I watched all nine of them.

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Awesome – did you have a favourite? I really enjoyed Meet the Parents and Daddy Like Space:


  • Barry Wallace

    Some of the Sonic commercials crack me up. And that Swagger Wagon video is just brilliant.

    • Aaron Armstrong

      This Sonic one is pretty impressive:


      I’ve never seen these before (the joy of being a Canadian) but they’re pretty great.