The Latest on Matt Chandler

Very exciting news for Matt Chandler after the latest MRI. Watch the video:

Thrilled for the Chandler family and the Village Church.

Keep praying that God would completely eradicate this cancer.

HT: The Village Church

Update: Even as the Chandlers are celebrating this progress, it’s come to my attention that Zac Smith of NewSpring Church died recently. A few months back, he released an inspiring video testimony about his battle with cancer. Please be in prayer for his family.

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  • mndunn26

    SO grateful to hear such good news! I’m so grateful for this church and that way that God uses it to shape and mold me, half a country away. Praying for the Chandler family and the Village church often. Thanks for sharing the update!

    • Aaron Armstrong

      It’s pretty amazing to see how Chandler’s ministry is being used to affect so many – he was one of the guys who made me really love theology and studying the Bible (after I first heard his message from the 2006 Renew & Resurge conference).

      I ended up, over the course of something ridiculous like three months listening to over three years worth of messages via the podcast.

      It’s been even more incredible to see how the Christian community at large has been pouring out affection for this man. Gives a great picture of what the new earth is going to be like, yeah?