Around the Interweb (06/06)

Exchange: The Truth & The Lie

The Resurgence’s 2010 conference featuring Mark Driscoll, Francis Chan, Kevin DeYoung, Peter Jones and many others is coming to San Diego on June 17-18.

Are you going? If so, let me know in the comments or contact me. Maybe we can grab a Starbucks while we’re there.

A New Update from Matt Chandler

In Other News

North Korean Christians are a great example (HT: Matt Svoboda)

Desiring God announces the public beta their new website. Go over and check it out.

Ray Ortlund: A Note to the “Truly Reformed”

Kevin DeYoung asks Andy Naselli why “let go and let God” is a bad idea

In Case You Missed It

The audio & manuscript from May 30th’s sermon from Poplar Hill Christian Church, Obedience: The Fruitful Life

A review of The Journey to Truth by George Garlick

Do we educate ourselves into slavery?

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