Truth and Lies: Dr. Peter Jones – the Truth and the Lie in Worship

In his first session, Dr. Peter Jones focused on giving us a foundation for everything we would hear about the effects of one-ist and two-ist worldviews.

Romans 1:25 tells us that “they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator.” Jones (and all the speakers) reminds us that it is essential to keep this text top of mind as it explains what we’ve done in creating for ourselves our own worldview in our sin.

We live in a culture of spirituality. “Elements of Eastern faiths and New Age thinking have been adopted by 65% of American adults.”And, according to USA Today, 70% of Americans surveyed believe many religions can lead to God.

Some of the most popular religions in America (among celebrities) include Kabbalah (adherents include Demi Moore, Britney Spears, Madonna, & Courtney Love); Scientology (Brad Pitt, Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta, & Tom Cruise); and Buddhism (Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, Tiger Woods and others).

“All these share a one-ist worldview—that we are one together and God is one with us,” says Jones. “One-ism is a faith presupposition since we cannot know by research if everything is one, [and] it leads to worship.”

One-ism Affects Everything

One-ism affects everything; it frames the issues that we face every day:

  • Politics—socialism and free-enterprise
  • Ethics-good and evil are relative
  • Foreign Policy—no evil empire (everyone is entitled to their opinion and actions)
  • Religion—interfaith (i.e. “Christian” Buddhists, as suggested by Brian McLaren)
  • Spirituality—mysticism mixes human and divine
  • Gender—blurs male/female distinctions
  • Custom—“Joyous Reunions” no Christmas

But what we have to remember is that there are only two worldviews, two cosmologies, Jones asserts. And they are old as time.

  1. Homo-cosmology: A world or cosmos based on sameness
  2. Hetero-cosmology: A world or cosmos based on distinctions

“The Christian worldview is based on distinctions, on difference,” says Jones.  “This is why it’s so difficult for us—it’s not because we’re bigoted, or rednecks…. [It’s that] there are only two worldviews. Stand firm in the face of accusations of hate speech. You’re not speaking hate; you’re speaking the other worldview. And there are only two!”

At the heart of homo-cosmology is the belief in, as Jones puts it, “the consubstantiality of all things.” That all is of the same nature and substance. Quoting Meister Eckhart (a 13th century “Christian” mystic), Jones sums it up this way: “Being is God’s circle, and in this circle all creatures exist. Everything that is in God is God.”

The Five Points of One-ism

Jones proceeded to break down the essential beliefs of one-ism, which he sums up in the following five points:

  1. All is one
    • All is One and One is all—can’t we all get along?
      • Powerful emotional appeal
    • Pagan circles
      • Falun Gong, a Chinese Buddhist sect
      • Swastika, taken from the Sanskrit word: Svastikah, “being fortunate”
    • Theosophy—there is no religion higher than truth
    • The ouroboros
      • From 1st century Egypt
      • Often features a Greek word meaning“The all is one”
      • Common in Hinduism, Norse theolog
    • Labyrinths
  2. All humanity is one
    • “I am uncreated, as old as God”—Harold Bloom
    • Every person is a microcosm representing a macrocosm
    • A new Earth—Oprah, Eckhart Tolle
  3. All religions are one
    • A major religious theme
  4. There is one problem
    • Distinctions is the problem
    • They yearn for the unity, the sameness, but they see how its broken
    • “The heart of humanity is sound”—Alice Bailey
      • In other words, you’re fundamentally good and divine
    • To eliminate the problem, you must eliminate the distinction
      • Theism/Monism
      • Creator/Creature
      • God/Man
      • Animal/Human
      • Male/Female
      • Christ/Satan
      • Life/Death
      • Heaven/Hell
      • Truth/Falsehood
      • Sin/Holiness
      • The Bible/Other Scriptures
      • Monotheism/Polytheism
      • Traditional Family/Alternate Families
      • Parents/Children
      • Monogamy/Polygamy
      • Love/Pornography
      • Homosexuality/Heterosexuality
    • It’s important to show the distinction and make a spirited defense.
  5. There is One solution
    • Go within!
    • If a human is a microcosm of the whole, you go further and further within the circle, which is YOU
    • Worship of one-ism is the worship of self
    • One-ist worship techniques
      • Yoga-“union with God”
      • Kill the mind—stop thinking. “Keep your intellect at a respectable distance when you study mythology… that which separates you from God [Brahma] is mind.” Swami Sivananda, Divine Bliss
      • Zen Buddhists—there’s no distinction between “I am and I am not Buddha.”
      • “In the Darhma, there is no two-ness.”
    • Conjunctio oppositorum: Join the opposites in an experience of ultimate ecstasy

The Real Conflict

There is a great temptation for us to engage in these kinds of one-ist worship practices. “Christian mysticism” seeks to find common ground with non-Christian worship.

The problem is one-ism and two-ism are deadly rivals. “Mother Nature” (creation) must bring an end to God. “The Goddess throws God the Creator (and the Old Testament) into Hell,” says Jones.

Our alternative: Two-ist worship, where “all is two.” There is Creator and creation.

“We cannot place Christianity within the circle of religions because the circle is wrong,” says Jones. “This has been given two us. We didn’t invent it.”

Psalm 8 is an amazing statement about the biblical view of God and two circles. God’s name is IN the earth and His glory is ABOVE it.

This is the Christian God, who is truly transcendent; “You have set your glory above the heavens” (Psa. 8:1b). The divine is not within “the circle of life.” “It is He who sits above the circle of the earth” (Isa 40:22).

“The gospel means nothing until you affirm that God is above. Then the good news of God’s condescension breaks your heart,” says Jones. “We cannot really speak the gospel in one-ist terms and our worship must reflect that. They must all reflect his transcendence while also celebrating his condescension. The elders of Revelation praise God saying: You, Lord, have created all things…

“Our spirituality and worship should reflect those things.”

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  • Richard Hartness

    I got your name while researching decernment years ago, i started with David cloud, im fundamental babtist, king james, independant ,looking for your book = spirit wars, can you tell me where i can purchase it? Thank you.

  • JPJ

    The truth is that Moses was talking with the Devil on Mount Sinia and not God. God is Spirit and a spirit you cant see? The Devil wanted to be like God; so this is the story of how he wanted to be like God. (in the old testament) If you say that the angel of the Lord was Jesus; You are saying Jesus is a murder! and you will be like the christians who say Lord, Lord we done this in your name! He replied; away from me you evil doers i don’t know you. Why didn’t Jesus know them? Romans 1:25; they believed that Jesus was the god of Israel?
    They worship the devil today and pray to him! Many will be deceived and they are? A tree is known by its fruit.
    A bad tree can never bare good fruit. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil (SATAN in the old Testament)
    A Good tree (Jesus in the New Testament:)
    A TREE IS KNOWN BY ITS FRUIT!!!!!!!!!!! The Truth hurts; shocked, and amazed the peace comes when you believe this Truth. Let the Holy Spirit teach you.

    • Aaron Armstrong

      JPJ, I’m curious, where you find your basis for this line of thought? It’s certainly not from the New Testament which emphatically and repeatedly connects Jesus with the God of Israel (as depicted in the Old Testament).

      Following your logic, the Old Testament is false, which also means that the New is as well, since the bulk of the New is citation of and reference to the Old. It also means that Christ is liar, since He repeatedly identifies Himself as the God of Israel.

  • Mauro Silva

    Did he mean, “Kabbalah”, instead of Kababalah?

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Sorry my typo. Thanks for catching it.