Thinking Beyond Today

Did you know that if you ask the average child in this area what he wants to be when he grows up, he won’t be able to answer?

It’s true.

During Tuesday’s visit to a church in the Copan Ruins, the project workers shared with us that most of the kids have never really given it any thought.

They’re too busy just trying to get through the day to think about what the future might hold.

That’s why it was really encouraging for us to see “My Plan for Tomorrow,” a resource in Compassion’s curriculum designed to help children ages 12 and up to figure out what direction they want to go with their lives.

Maybe they want to be a doctor. A lawyer. A teacher. A mechanic. A pastor…

Whatever they think they might want to be, this book helps them to make a plan to pursue that goal, with specific goals to pursue in each of the four areas of life that the program focuses on: Social, educational, physical and spiritual.

While I looked at this young man’s book, I was encouraged to see him starting to think beyond just the day-to-day and pursue lofty goals. The first year, he said he wanted to be a pastor. As he continued on though, he thought he might want to be a doctor instead.

He’s started thinking beyond today and looking forward to a future where he can be a blessing to his community.

And he’s got a plan to get there.

That’s encouraging.

That’s hopeful.

That’s what can happen when a life is being transformed by the gospel.

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