Matt Chandler on Leading Your Church Through Suffering

A few quotes, pulled by JT:

“Lauren asked the doctor, ‘What’s best-case scenario and what’s worst-case scenario?’ He said: ‘Best-case scenario is that God heals you. . . . Worst-case scenario, honestly, is that you get killed in a car wreck on your way home today.’

“He was the first one to say to me out loud, ‘Nothing’s really changed for you—you just get to be aware that you’re mortal. Everyone is, but they’re just not aware of it. The gift that God’s given you is that you get to be aware of your mortality.’

“So if this goes bad for me, if my MRI scan shows that . . . I have a short amount of time, I can talk to my wife, talk to my children, shoot videos. . . . Most guys who die in their 30’s kiss their wife goodbye in the morning and never come home. . . . At least once a year, for the rest of my life, I get the anxiety of ‘Am I going to hear today that I only have a couple years to live?’ . . . It is a gift.”


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  • theologigal

    I love how well Matt is using his cancer to continually turn people towards God. He could pout and complain and no one would think twice, but instead he uses it to emphasize what others would doubt about God in this situation – God’s mercy, grace, and the hope that He gives us regardless of our circumstances. I am a member at his church and am very thankful for the example he sets and how I’ve been able to use his story to talk about God’s sovereignty and grace with others.

    Thanks for sharing this video!