Get Serious About Your Studies: Choosing Your Digital Tools

Over the last few days, we’ve looked at study Bibles, a great reference tool, systematic theologies and reading plans. But what about the internet?

Technology has made Bible study easier than ever. With many terrific online tools available, I want highlight just a couple:


YouVersion is an extension of‘s online ministry, allowing men and women around the world to read the Bible online in the translation of their choice and make notes. offers you dozens of Bible translations—allowing you to pick the one you're most comfortable with!

YouVersion also offers a variety of reading plans, including Canonical (straight through the Bible), “First Steps” plans for new believers, and more.

Select the reading plan of your choice and keep track of your progress

It’s also available for your mobile device! I’ve got it on my iPhone and enjoy using it a fair bit.

Get the YouVersion Bible app for your iPhone or other mobile device

This one was put together by the good folks at Logos. Just like YouVersion, Biblia offers a wide variety of translations…

Biblia's visual translation selection and two pane display make for an attractive, easy to use system

…but it also offers you a great deal of commentaries and additional books to reference and read, including Martin Luther’s commentary on Galatians, the Pilgrim’s Progress and more.

Choose from a variety of commentaries and supplemental resources

On the downside, Biblia does not provide the ability to write notes, but I suspect that’s coming in future editions (it’s just entered open Beta now).

Additional Resources

There are tons of other websites I could have talked about like (which is very, very nice to use), I wanted to highlight a few additional resources that will help you as you grow in your faith and your understanding of God’s Word:

Websites: (free audio, video and books from John Piper) (free video, audio and text articles from R. C. Sproul)

The Resurgence


Mars Hill Church (Mark Driscoll)

The Village Church (Matt Chandler)

The Bridge (Josh Howerton)

Harvest Bible Chapel London (Norm Millar)

Covenant Life Church (Joshua Harris)

May God bless you as you continue to get serious about your study of His Word.

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  • Don

    Thanks, Aaron, great resources. I want to reiterate that the new ESV Online Devotional Bible is a terrific resource.

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Agreed ESV Online is pretty slick (especially if you’ve got access to the Study Bible).

      • Don

        Which I do. :)

    • kristie

      I would highly recommend The new site has more concordances, commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries, etc. than Biblia but also includes the notes, tagging, highlighting, etc. of YouVersion. It also has groups and events like YouVersion. This is my favorite online one that I’ve found!

      • Aaron Armstrong

        Great suggestion Kristie! I love the lexicon function in particular :)

  • Nathan


    Just curious, how did you hear about Josh Howerton and The Bridge Church? I’m a member there and so was just curious when I saw you listened to the Podcasts.

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Hey Nathan—thanks for commenting! I first got connected with Josh over at the Evangelical Village blog, as well as on Twitter.