Around the Interweb (09/19)

I’ve got the Power…?

I love it when Tim Challies reviews a book that’s made of crazy; this week—The Power by Rhonda Byrne (the sequel to The Secret). His conclusion is worth the price of admission alone:

Needless to say, The Power is a bad book. A really bad book. It’s so utterly stupid, so unbelievably vapid, that it boggles my mind that anyone could read it and believe it. If you could package foolishness, if you could slap stupidity between two covers, you’d end up with The Power. Read it if you must, but as you do it, you’d better generate some good feelings toward brain cells; you’ll need to attract a few to yourself if you’re replace all the ones that are sure to die as you give hours of your life to all of this drivel.

Read the whole thing.

In Other News

Ministry: Kevin DeYoung offers 20 things he wished he knew before entering the ministry (and 25 more because there are so many things that can go wrong…)

Technology/Drama: Stephen Altrogge shares how Apple products make you a better Christian… (and some of in the comments aren’t in on the joke :))

Ministry/Technology: The Resurgence released a pretty slick new website the other night.

Bibles: Bill Mounce asks the question, “What constitutes an accurate translation?” (HT: Challies)

In Case You Missed It

Here are a few of this week’s notable posts:

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