What Could Unravel the Gospel-Centered Movement?

A couple years back, Piper was asked, “what could unravel the gospel-centered movement?”

His answer was insightful: The disconnect between the majesty of God and the way we entertain ourselves.

“There’s an awakening to the majesty of God around the country, a filling of hearts with God-centered, Christ-exalted, Bible-saturated songs . . . a zeal for truth and biblical doctrine . . . and I’m concerned that there’s a disconnect between the big thoughts of God and how we live our daily lives.”

I’ve been thinking hard about this for the last few days. Am I inconsistent in how I entertain myself? Probably. Am I seeking to be more consistent? I hope so.

If anything is going to be offensive about how I live, I want it to be the gospel.

How about you?

HT: Justin Taylor

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  • Emily

    I was thinking about this yesterday when I was reading Marie Claire “man, I can’t keep reading stuff like this, because as interesting as it is, my worldview is so different that it all makes me sad”.

    But I think there is a place for “christ-centred anthropology” in which we read/watch/play to understand the world so we can speak in. So what do we do?

    I have not yet watched the video.

  • http://cleverphrasehere.blogspot.com Amber

    Reminds me of Jeremiah 6:15 – “they do not even know how to blush.” I do think we become desensitized so that we can watch things without shock that should make us blush.

    I agree with Emily that there can be a place for “anthropology,” but I think we have to be brutally honest with whether that is truly our motivation, or if our own entertainment is our motivation.

  • http://hardwords.wordpress.com Aaron Armstrong

    Agreed; so how honest are we being with ourselves on this?

    • Emily

      Well, I stopped reading O magazine earlier this year because I couldn’t justify it. I’m trying to stay off blogs that aren’t written by people I know. I’d say I’m 50% honest.

  • http://cleverphrasehere.blogspot.com Amber

    I would say look at the fruit in our lives – is what you watch actually creating opportunities for you to meaningfully engage with non-Christians and bring about life/spiritual discussions? For me – no. Perhaps it results in shallow, easy conversations, but that is not worth it.

    I don’t read magazines anymore because they breed discontent in me (which is what they are meant to do) – either thinking I needed to become skinnier/prettier, or that I needed a better house. They were producing only bad fruit in me.

    I once interviewed to write for Plugged In, who write movie reviews of every movie that comes out (which means you have to watch some horrific stuff). Those who do work for them have a strong sense of calling – that they are taking the silver bullet to watch things they know are detrimental to them in order to change/dissuade society. But when I honestly prayed about it, I definitely did not feel that calling. I am too easily affected by it. In that way, I think you have to really know yourself and know your weaknesses before willingly viewing evil.

  • http://thechurchupthestreet.wordpress.com Not For Itching Ears

    I agree with you. May the Gospel be what offends people about my life, not my stupidity!