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The Future Roman Catholic Church

Chris Castaldo:

What will the Roman Catholic (RC) Church be like at the end of the 21st century? How will this institution be able to handle the multiple challenges that she is confronted with? More radically, will this church still be still around in a hundred years? And if yes, how different will she be compared with her present-day outlook?

These intriguing questions get some ever more intriguing answers by the CNN Vatican correspondent John L. Allen in his recent book The Future Church. How Ten Trends are Revolutionizing the Catholic Church (New York: Doubleday, 2009). Allen writes as a journalist and sociologist of religion who looks at what is happening in the RC universe within the context of a fast moving globalization. His immediate readership is North-American but what he writes is gathered from years of international journalism and aimed at painting global scenarios.

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In Other News

Culture: More than half of young Britons have never heard of the King James Bible

Faith: Nathan Bingham — the only true “seeker” is God

Finances: Preview a chapter of Jamie Munson’s new book, Money: God or Gift (PDF); when you’re done, order a copy for yourself.

Prayer: I’m preaching at Gladstone Baptist Church this morning; prayer is appreciated.

In Case You Missed It

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