Resolved, To study the Scriptures so steadily, constantly, and frequently, as that I may find, and plainly perceive, myself to grow in the knowledge of the same.

Jonathan Edwards

As I’ve written about in the past, Scripture memorization is a huge challenge for me (and I suspect a good number of others as well); it’s something I’ve wanted to work at for a good long while, but never seemed to make the time. So this year, I’m going for it. I, along with a good number of others, am going to try to memorize the entire book of Philippians by Easter Sunday, 2011.

Why should we memorize Scripture? John Piper offers these encouragements:

Conformity to Christ – Bible memorization has the effect of making our gaze on Jesus steadier and clearer.

Daily Triumph over Sin – as sin lures the body into sinful action, we call to mind a Christ-revealing word of Scripture and slay the temptation with the superior worth and beauty of Christ over what sin offers.

Daily Triumph over Satan – When Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness he recited Scripture from memory and put Satan to flight.

Comfort and Counsel for People You Love – When the heart full of god’s love can draw on the mind full of god’s word, timely blessings flow from the mouth.

Communicating the Gospel to Unbelievers – actual verses of the Bible have their own penetrating power. and when they come from our heart, as well as from the Book, the witness is given that they are precious enough to learn.

Communion with God in the Enjoyment of His Person and Ways – the way we commune with (that is, fellowship with) god is by meditating on his attributes and expressing to him our thanks and admiration and love, and seeking his help to live a life that reflects the value of these attributes.

I’ll do my best to give regular update here on my progress. Want to join in? Connect at the Memory Moleskine page, download the resources and get started.

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