My Memory Moleskine: Philippians 1:1-11

So last Saturday, I started working on memorizing the entire book of Philippians as part of Tim Brister’s Memory Moleskine project. When I started the project, I didn’t know how it was going to go – would it be quick and painless? Excruciating? Somewhere in between?

And the answer is… yes.

Surprisingly, it was a lot easier to make it through the first six verses than I anticipated. I actually picked them up very quickly (by Sunday night I could recite them from memory without much difficulty).

However, the one significant challenge that I came across was with one word: “all.

You’d think that it would be a simple one to remember, but for some reason I kept tripping up on it. Phil 1:3 says, “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you,” but it would come out, “I thank my God in my remembrance of you.”

Already the weeding has begun.

I’m, as of today, a good part of the way through week 2 (Phil. 1:7-11) and the “alls” are coming at me again. (As is the weird sentence structure of v. 7.)

Still, I am persevering, and for the most part have these verses down. Since I can’t prove it to you in typed form, you’ll have to wait until I get brave enough to do a short video post of the whole first chapter.

Are you partnering to remember? Tell me about your journey to remember Philippians so far.

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  • Aaron Sellars

    I was thinking the same exact thing about the “all”s. I could do 1:1-6 fairly quickly, but then after I review it, I missed a couple “all”s and “every”s. It was cool though to go back into my seminary grab bag and see it is the same word and Paul was making a point with using the same word (different forms). Pretty awesome to see his care and concern for them all, including the Overseers and Deacons (v. 2).

  • Michelle Arencibia

    That word “all” is the one I am forgetting most also! But, I think that if I do some study, like you Aaron S., it may help me to remember it because of the meaning behind it. Thank you for the encouragement! Week one is going well for me also! I’m glad I have partners!

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  • Becky@Daily On My Way To Heaven

    I am doing great; tripping over … “Christ Jesus” /”Jesus Christ” and meditating on “making my prayer with joy…” .

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Aaron Armstrong

    Grateful to hear about all your progress, everyone – looking forward to seeing where we’re all at next week :)

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