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Introducing: The Erhman Project

Chances are that a great number of you have heard of Bart Erhman. At the very least, you’ve seen a great number of his books at your local bookstore. In recent years, Dr. Erhman has been one of the leading voices against the reliability of Scripture and the validity of historic Christian orthodoxy with books like Misquoting Jesus and Misqouting Scripture.

Over on Twitter, J.D. Greear pointed to a great site that his church sponsored, The Ehrman Project. The site seeks to respond to the arguments of Dr. Ehrman against Scripture and the Chrsitian faith. Check out the intro from Miles O’Neill:

[tentblogger-youtube YojyPM-fKs0]

Also appreciated this one from Dr. Darrell Bock on what guided first century doctrine:

[tentblogger-youtube jPFtDaQdkfo]

Really looking forward to engaging with the content. Check it out.

Incidentally, Andreas J. Köstenberger and Michael J. Kruger’s recent book, The Heresy of Orthodoxy, is a wonderful resource to help better understand the arguments of Dr. Erhman. I reviewed it here.

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