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The Osteen Moment — Your Own Moment Will Come Soon Enough

Albert Mohler:

What happened last night on Piers Morgan Tonight is a sign of things to come. After this interview, Joel Osteen will never be seen in the same way by the secular media and a good segment of the public. His efforts to avoid talking about sin failed him, and he ran out of options. Thankfully, he did not deny that homosexuality is a sin. We can only have hoped that he would have given a more bold answer, followed by an equal boldness in the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  • Keith Davis

    I appreciate this site, and it’s views from a Christian perspective. As a Theology major at regent University, I find the topics discussed on this site relevant to my life, and studies.

    Keith Davis

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Thanks Keith – blessings to you!