Help Me Reorganize!

So, after two years of (usually) weekly reviews, the Book Reviews page is beginning to get a bit out of control. And since it exists for your benefit, I’d like your input on how best to reorganize it!

What would be most helpful for you, readers?

Filing by author?


Subject matter?

Leave a comment and help me reorganize that page!

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  • Barry Wallace

    Sounds like the problem I’ve had figuring out how to organize my personal library. Do I organize it by author, book type, subject matter, or what? I’ve tried a variety of methods. I usually end up with a mixture. I file most of my books by author, but have separate sections for certain subjects (e.g. church history, eschatology) and book types (e.g. commentaries, reference books). That’s probably no help at all!

    • Aaron Armstrong

      That’s a big help, actually. Thanks Barry!

  • Keiki Hendrix

    I like it by month. By author would be good. Maybe a list of your favorites? Though, on my site, I would have a hard time determining which would be my favorites. Have you considered a recommended reading list? I am thinking about that for my site.

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Thanks for the feedback, Keiki. A recommended reading list is a great idea—I don’t know why, but I’d never really considered it.

  • Keystone

    Hi Aaron,

    I always buy books by author.
    And, I buy non-fiction only, very, very little fiction, even by a beloved author (C.S. Lewis excepted).

    If I see a new Calvin Miller book on the shelf, I do not even look to see the title. I look to see if it is fiction (rarely) or non-fiction, and that puts the book in my cart.
    Same too with Francis Frangipane, Ken Gire, in early years for early readers Max Lucado, but no longer. He is “heaven-lite”.

    But the technology exists to format your book organization several ways, not just one.
    If one way, I prefer authors.
    But a series of drop down boxes would include ALL books in any and all formats you desire to present to anyone. With a click of the link, they can view Publisher (not overly useful, IMO), Topic….wide open area here, Author, previously mentioned, Fiction/Non-Fiction, and perhaps a convenience to your audience, a simple Drop Down box of “Not Recommended”.

    Folks should see all Drop Downs alphabetically, and choose the one that is most useful to them.
    You would enter all info as data in a base, and a “Sort” would occur in nanoseconds, shuffling the book to an appropriate Drop Down to view.

    If you refer to your real library of real books on shelves at home, I put my “Must Rereads” up front, and go to them over and over. Thereafter, my books are by uthor, but not in any alphabetical order. I usually shelf the author by favorites within their name, with most often read left to right.

    I think a novel idea would be to have a category of “New Author” and that should include their first 2 or 3 books only.

    I think Borders is going down the tubes due to lack of such organization to find a book.
    Barnes and Noble tries, but they always locate Christian Inspiration next to Gay and Lesbian or Nude Photography section. Honest to Pete, these folks are unlikely to share a cup of coffee and date next Friday.

    Online, you are aware of Amazon, but may be unaware of two other decent outposts for the rare book, or older item. Many are used too.
    One is also here:

    The other is

    What Amazon does not have, Powell Books or Alibris generally do. And, if you are ever in Oregon, stop at Portland and see Powell Books on every floor. It is an awesome few days to peruse.

  • AWHall

    By author and/or by title – it’s the easiest way to find stuff.

  • Aaron Armstrong

    Excellent feedback so far, everyone—sounds like by author is generally the most helpful way to go. Keystone, I like the idea of dropdowns a great deal; I might have to play a bit and see what I can come up with.

  • Becky@Daily On My Way To Heaven

    Yes, author /title.

    Have a joyous day.

  • Nino

    I will be the odd one, because when I search a site I look for subject. So I would say by subject, title, then author.

  • Aaron Armstrong

    Alright so the general consensus continues to be Author/Title. Except Nino. Sorry dude, you’re definitely the odd one out, it seems.

  • Mike W

    I’d definitely say Author, then Title as a potential option.
    Seems to be the most straightforward.

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