The Books I’m Not Proposing

A couple weeks back I finally mustered up the courage to start sending out book proposals for a project I’m working on. It’s currently out with five publishers (and we’ll see how many more by the end of this week). I’m looking forward to talking a bit more about this project in the next few weeks and months, but for now, I thought you might enjoy a look at some of the books that didn’t make the cut:

Contentment and the Art of Ministry-Mobile Maintenance

What my franken-car is teaching me about contentment and humility in the face of strange noises.

How to Win Friends and Pants People

Become an influencer in the wrong crowd with this surefire self-help bestseller.

Your Average Life… Now!

Own the okay-ness of your life as you learn that sometimes “meh” is really an acceptable answer.

Discipline (Is) For Dummies

Join my daughter and me on a journey of discovery as we seek to learn whether or not she really needs a spanking.

What do you think—am I making the right choice by not putting these out there or is there a hidden gem sure to make me a Christian hundred-aire?

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  • Chris Lovie-Tyler

    ‘Your Average Life… Now!’ sounds like fun, although I suspect it won’t make you rich.

  • Chris Lovie-Tyler

    Or should I say, I suspect it will only be an average seller. đŸ˜‰

    • Aaron Armstrong


  • Adam

    I think the first one could actually be really deep if you fleshed it out. How much time and energy does the average person spend worrying about the maintenance of their material stuff. If they are like me…too much.

    • Aaron Armstrong

      There you go, now I’m seriously considering that one. If it sells, I’ll buy you a Starbucks beverage.

      On an related note, today I received an email about the last title and immediately I jumped to “oh gosh, am I about to be accosted by an anti-spanking advocate?” Instead, he pointed out that I’d made a grammatical error. Funny how my mind went there right away, huh?

      • Chris Lovie-Tyler

        Out of interest, what was the grammatical error?

        • Aaron Armstrong

          The original post said “my daughter and I;” should have been “my daughter and me.”

  • Chris Lovie-Tyler

    Ah, yes. I wondered if it might have been that.