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I Am Tired of All the Options

C. Michael Patton:

The last few months, in keeping up with my weekly reading of “what is happening now” in theology, I have begun to experience theological nausea. My spirit is sick and it is about to hurl. I don’t know what that looks like, but it does not feel right. There are simply too many “opt outs” being offered – we are beginning to look more like a cafeteria than a church.

In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty . . . right? Let me try to briefly state the issue that I have, today, at 5:24pm CST. I am getting the feeling that Christian apologists and theologians, in order to make our faith more palatable to the outside world, are attempting to move all difficulties of our faith into the “non-essential” category in order to create “opt outs.” This is where just about everything outside of the person and work of Christ becomes negotiable. When does the form of Christianity we offer become something different than the historic Christian faith?

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Church Governance: James MacDonald says congregationalist government is Satanic. Jonathan Leeman says it’s used by him… just like everything else. While MacDonald is being intentionally inflammatory with his title, the article itself is worth reading. Leeman’s reponse is excellent.

Free Books: Thom S. Rainer and Jess W. Rainer’s new book The Millennials is now available for a limited time for the Kindle free!

Books: Dr. Brian Mattson has just released a new booklet called What is Public Theology? Here’s the product description:

This booklet is a miniature theological warhead intent on blasting the underpinnings of a prominent but privatized Christianity that has sold the church into cultural bondage.

Music & Culture: An atheist’s worship song. Catchy tune, but very odd to hear someone sing so joyfully about someone he doesn’t believe exists.

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