Lord, Do It Again!

Tim Keller, Collin Hansen and Nancy Leigh DeMoss discuss the need for revival (even though Reformed types are a bit freaked out by the term):

[tentblogger-vimeo 24834648]


Hansen recently wrote A God-Sized Vision: Revival Stories that Stretch and Stir, a new book looking at the revivals God has sent throughout history to build His church and grow His people. I’d encourage you to give it a thorough read.

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  • http://ontheirshoulders.com Aron Utecht

    This is a good, thoughtful discussion.  And they are dead on that a big hurdle in bringing about a biblical revival is taking back the terminology from others who have made it mean something else.  As a pastor who considers myself very reformed, I don’t want much to do with revivalism as it is commonly understood.

    In fact, I think the specter of revivalism has shaped our current notions of evangelism and taken us down some wrong paths.  But I respect both Nancy Leigh Tim Keller immensely.  I can get behind what they are advocating for here.

    Ironically, perhaps the two worst cases of ‘revival as a product of human manipulation’ were both ordained Presbyterian – Finney and Billy Sunday.