The Line-Up

A few days ago, I asked you all what you want me to write about. And man, did I ever get some great suggestions! Here are a few of the topics, with a bit of commentary thrown in for good measure:

  1. Egalitarianism in church ministry (aka “Are female pastors biblical?”). This might be better known as the “post where Aaron turns off comments”. ūüėČ
  2. What does the Bible say about worship? This one could be fun, particularly dealing with “worship being more than singing.”
  3. Is evolution compatible with Christianity? See comment on topic one.
  4. Should we always expect God to heal? I had a really interesting debate with a guy at our old church on this one…
  5. How should a theologically Reformed church express the supernatural gifts of the Spirit? This is a fun one for sure‚ÄĒparticularly since I have really struggled with this.
  6. Can a local church be successful solely focusing on preaching the gospel? This one brings me great joy :)
  7. What role does good leadership play in the overall success of a local church? Another great one!
  8. Predestination: Does God harden/steer our hearts; how do we reconcile free will and God’s sovereignty? I have been predestined to write about topics that set the interweb aflame.
  9. Being in the will of God‚ÄĒhow much “doing” is required? Really good question.
  10. Does God always answer all the prayers of the redeemed? This one would be a real challenge (in a good way).
  11. Does God treat intentional sin and unintentional sin differently? Fantastic question!
  12. What does it mean for us to be made in the image and likeness of God? I wrote about this a couple years back and have been updating that content over the last few months. Keep your eyes peeled!

You folks definitely don’t like easy topics! So now here’s the big question:

Which one do you want to see first?

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  • Anonymous

    Can a local church be successful solely focusing on preaching the gospel?
    Arron, this relates to our current blog.

  • thomsoncs

    Take your pick on #8-11.  I like all of those the most.

  • mrben

    Ignoring my own selections for the sake of fairness (numbers 4 & 5), in order of preference:

    7, 11, 1, 6, 9, 10, 8, 12, 2, 3

  • Matthew W

    Being both Reformed and charismatic myself, I would love to see your thoughts on #5.

    I agree that #11 is a fantastic question… can’t wait to see the answer!

    On #9, I suggest a wonderful book by Kevin DeYoung (which you might or might not have read) called “Just Do Something.”

    • Aaron Armstrong

      I have read it! In fact, I reviewed it a couple years ago when it came out: :)

  • Justin Woulard

    Hit #6 first. There’s some great opportunities for discussion there.¬†

  • Louis Tullo

    I like #9 a lot. :)

  • Aaron Sellars

    Here’s another question you could answer that I was given on Saturday. ¬†What does the Bible say about burial, cremation, donation to science, or other options available?

    • Jacwoolard

      That is an excellent question.  I would like to read and hope that there is a lot of discussion on that question.

  • Jacwoolard

    Though all are excellent topics…I vote for #12 first.¬† I think #12 is a great foundation and start for the other questions

  • Paul Bruggink

    I like them all, but I wouldn’t mind seeing #3 first.

  • Chris Lovie-Tyler

    I think you should combine 1 (egalitarianism), 3 (evolution) and 8 (predestination) into one post and¬†call it¬†‘Three rounds of blood sport’! :-)

  • Chris Lovie-Tyler

    I think you should combine 1 (egalitarianism), 3 (evolution) and 8 (predestination) into one post and¬†call it¬†‘Three rounds of blood sport’! :-)

    • Chris Lovie-Tyler

      Or maybe it should be a mini-series called ‘Three rounds of blood sport’. Either way, grace and peace be to the referee!

  • jeanelane

    These are all great, and most questions I have had myself. 

    I am particularly interested in #2 (What does the Bible say about worship?) because there are so many people who have arguments about the type of music in a church service.¬† And so many church ‘worship’ services are only music and preaching.¬† For those who can’t or don’t like to sing and those who can’t keep time, they are at a loss.¬† What is worship to them?¬† Services I have attended appear to be more entertainment focused with little audience participation.¬† Sometimes I think my daily praise of the Lord in the privacy of my own world is more worship than Sunday morning.¬† Corporate worship – what is that?¬† A couple of churches I have attended did a series on worship being more than singing.¬† But it never changed their worship style of 100% music and then the sermon (which to me is not worship, but teaching).¬† So what was the point?

  • GW

    Sorry to have missed the call for ideas. ¬†Here are some questions I have…
    A.  How do I hear God’s voice in my heart?
    B.  Are the things I intuitively know the Holy Spirit working in my life?
    C. ¬†What does it mean to ‚ÄúLet God take control‚ÄĚ?
    D. ¬†How can I be sure when I do good things, I have the “right” motivations?
    E.  How do I know when I am listening to my heart or my head.  Do these sound different?  Is  my
    head the white angel on my shoulder and my heart the red devil.  It could be the other way around.  I am very confused. 

    I look forward to reading the comments on Egalitarianism

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