Is Seminary Necessary?

Matt Chandler and Geoff Ashley chat about the promises and pitfalls of seminary:

[tentblogger-vimeo 27242009]

HT: The Village Church

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  • Erik

    Insightful video Aaron. Thanks.

    This particular discussion on seminary caused me to remember Chuck Swindoll’s quote from many years ago, when he was president of Dallas Theological Seminary (1994-2001):

    “The greatest tragedy of a seminary student is that they know more about God, but they fail to become more intimately acquainted with God.”

    As a former Bible college student, I see the truth and accuracy of Swindoll’s thinking and had to consistently check my heart as not to treat the Bible merely as a text book, but rather as the inspired Word of God for my soul.

  • Aron Utecht

    This is a helpful discussion, but I think the problems he surfaces are perhaps more from his own approach, rather than with seminary.  I have to believe that having a ‘dry spot’ when you spend your best hours studying Bible, theology and how to better serve people has to be a problem with you, and not the system.  It sounds like from his comments he came to the same conclusion by the end of his degree too.

    My own experience of four years was totally different.  Depsite many other trials over the last seven years, seminary is a mountain top that I feel I never left in many ways. 

    I also never found what many perceive to be a disconect between the academic professors, and people who really love God.  All the men and women I know who have devoted their lives theological education and preparing leaders have excellent character, and were very personalable – no exceptions.

    And I’m also grateful that Denver Seminary did not let us neglect involvement and service with a local church.  It was built into the system.

    Seminary isn’t for everyone.  And it isn’t without its difficulties.  But who can really argue with giving a substantial period of your life to read and reflect on God?

    • Kelly

      Because of their seminary education, I have found that the pastors of our church neglect final salvation and only teach “surface stuff.” They lack a connection with the congregation and a love of God.

      • Kelly

        I mispoke, I meant “final judgement.”

      • Kelly

        I mispoke, I meant “final judgment.”