What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Today’s post is by Don Barton. Don is a Canadian ex-pat and founding member of Hills Bible Church in Mont Albert, Victoria, Australia. You can find him on the Hills Bible Church blog and follow him on Twitter (@HillsBC).

Rain 2

I was sitting in my office today next to a large window that overlooks a small garden and the gated entrance to our property. I heard the bell ring and looked out to see a very well dressed attractive woman somewhere in her mid twenties, carrying an umbrella. It was raining and it was apparent that she had been out in the rain for some time. She caught my eye and smiled.

I nodded and went to the intercom which connects to our gate. I greeted her with a cool, “Yes?”

“I’m from a local community group and I would like to invite you to an event we are planning.” she responded.

I had noticed she had some literature in a folder she was carrying. “Can you leave the information in my mailbox?” I asked.

“No worries.” And she left.

In spite of that quaint Aussie phrase, I did worry. Was I being too cold, too defensive, too suspicious? I thought to myself, there is something incongruous with a large brick and iron fence with a locked gate and the “Who is my neighbour?” question of Luke 10. So I quickly went to the mailbox to see what she left. Perhaps it would be an invitation to attend a local church – I’ve never received one before – perhaps this time.

“The local congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses invites you to attend a convention…”

I suppose that I wasn’t surprised. But I was disappointed. How I had wanted her to be a Christian who was sharing the gospel, the good news about Jesus, with her neighbours. Come to think about it, that has never happened to me, either in a door knocking situation or in a one-on-one.

Why is it that we Christians, who have the greatest story ever told, are so reluctant to share it with others? Here is this zealous young woman, so sadly misled by a heresy that will keep her from knowing the Jehovah she claims to serve, braving inclement weather to share what she has with others – with neighbours – with strangers.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Originally posted at the Hills Bible Church blog.

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  • http://nwbingham.com Nathan W. Bingham

    Don, the picture is very wrong.

    You know our culture is sick as we’ve discussed that before. But it’s also odd because of her likely reason for doing the door knocking. Legalism. Now I don’t know her particular motives, but door-to-door evangelism in the cults is generally seen as a great way to earn favour with God. Or, as one mormon man told me, a great way to earn favour with other mormon women. I digress.But imagine that; they’re door knocking our of a burden to please God. Yet, Christians have a greater message. Our message is one of grace. God can be pleased with a sinful human because He is pleased with His Son, Jesus Christ, who stood in our place. No door knocking needed. A greater message. A greater hope. A greater gospel.Yet the sad irony is that although our message is more worthy of door knocking endeavours we remain silent.Having said all that, I’m not convinced door knocking is the most helpful way for Christians to be reaching their community. But that’s another discussion all together. 😉

    Thanks Don. Good to see you doing guest posts.

    • SDG

      You know Nathan, some of us spend too much time ‘talking’ to each other on blogs, telling each other how sophisticated we are theologically, and getting very ‘passionate’ when people don’t agree with some very precious view we might hold. I see the accusing finger pointed at me.
      We forget that God tells us in so many ways ‘its not about you’! Its all about the Lord Jesus Christ.
      When we get that, then we go ………and tell the nations.
      Is a hardened JW so differend to a blind pagan, materialist, Hindu, or Muslim.
      God give us eyes to see it.

  • http://ontheirshoulders.com Aron Utecht

    Larry the Cucumber making a similar point.