Every Member a Minister?

Challenging conversation between Michael Horton, Tim Keller and Matt Chandler about the idea of “every member being a minister,” and whether it truly reflects Scripture and the best interests of the church:

[tentblogger-vimeo 24832288]

What’s your take: Does the idea that “every member is a minister” or “every sheep is a shepherd” free us to serve and express our gifts or does it hinder us in our service to others?


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  • http://twitter.com/deanrobertsnet Dean Roberts

    Let’s get to the idea of Church. Church is a body – the body of Christ. And every part of the body has its use. 

    In that sense, we are all called as Christians to be ministers – whatever that may be. We all have gifts to give and things and places to serve in. That’s important. I would say that Christ tells us to be a part. If you’re not a part, then you come apart. 

    Over serving can hinder our serving. When a body has been working and working, it needs a rest. What I’m saying is that we serve sacrificially, but we also rest and take time out when we need. That’s plain logic.

    And finally, we’re called to discern where God wants us to be in ministry, and he leaves it to us to make that decision to serve him and the others around us. We’re called to be useful parts in the body; anyone who decides they want to be an appendix can cause a lot of problems for the body as a whole…


  • Mike Weaks

    A very honest conversation that by and large most leaders won’t have. To touch something considered “sacred” that is currently employed by a church is to question their direction. To entertain questions and ideas appears that we really didn’t hear this from God in the 1st place and we can’t have that thought. The masses will get the wrong idea and on and on why not to have these conversations. Maybe we are employing methods and programs as a matter of course without the scriptures or even seeking God’s heart and following the leader of our denomination or ministries. I have to think if God’s Spirit were somehow removed, how many programs would continue as normal…-Mike