The Backlist: The Top Ten Posts on Blogging Theologically

Let’s take a look back in time and see the most-read posts from August. Go check them out:

  1. Everyday Theology: God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle
  2. The Male Gossip
  3. His Name was Smeagol
  4. Everyday Theology: God helps those who help themselves
  5. John Piper on Mark Driscoll & John MacArthur
  6. Book Review: Love Wins by Rob Bell
  7. (Cheap) Christian E-Books for Your Kindle!
  8. When Doctrine Isn’t Enough
  9. Announcing My New Book: Awaiting a Savior
  10. Everyday Theology: Preach the Gospel always, if necessary use words

And just for fun, here’s the next ten:

  1. Book Review: Erasing Hell by Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle
  2. When God Wants a Man
  3. Book Review: Radical Together by David Platt
  4. Is Seminary Necessary?
  5. A Tale of Two Fictions
  6. Tipping Sacred Cows
  7. The Surprising Depth of Idolatry
  8. Book Review: Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? by C. John Collins
  9. The Damage Done By the Dogmatism of Controversies
  10. Godly Fear, Amplified Grace

Being away from the blog for most of August allowed for some fantastic guest bloggers to lend a hand—and did their work ever shine! Amber’s post, The Male Gossip, was terrific (and I’m glad to see that it caught Tim Challies’ attention as well—the article caused a great deal of soul searching on my part and in some ways it’s nice to see that I wasn’t alone). I was also extremely grateful that you all seem to be as excited about my new book as I am! Brian Mattson’s series on the Apostles’ Creed has been a fun one to read so far (and will be continuing over the next few weeks!) and I really appreciated Godly Fear, Amplified Grace. Looking forward to writing a bit about what I learned through my time away. Thanks again for making all this month’s guests feel welcome!

That’s enough from me—now it’s your turn: If you have a blog, what were a couple of the highlights for you in the past month?

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