What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

Well friends, it appears that I’m officially back to blogging after taking four weeks off in August. Thanks to all my guest bloggers, Chris Poblete, Amber Van Schooneveld, Eliza Huie, Brian Mattson, Matt Ford, Aron Utecht, Tina Williams, Chris Thomson, Don Barton & Dan Darling for bringing their a-game in order to allow me a bit of time away from the blog. (Incidentally, there was sadly a post by Don and one by Andy Catsimanes that were overlooked when I was doing my scheduling—look for both posts to appear this month.)

My time away was very helpful, but didn’t go quite the way I was expecting. Here’s a bit of what I learned during my summer vacation (and no, one of them was not jumping off a piece of wood):

1. My life gets too busy. I’d planned to, by and large, just enjoy a break from extracurricular writing for a few weeks. Instead, I found myself almost overwhelmed with work. My day job went crazy (as day jobs are want to do), we’ve been plowing through the final edits on Awaiting a Savior, we went away for a week… and then came back and moved. I’m generally a pretty high-capacity guy (the size of my work plate is fairly large), but I actually found that I’d maxed out last Monday & had to reschedule plans to see an advanced screening of Courageous so I could actually recover from moving.

2. TV is boring. When we were away, we had the opportunity to sample a bit of cable TV and I don’t think we found even a single thing that was actually worth watching (no reruns of Chuck, even).

3. Books continue to be awesome. While on my official vacation, I had the chance to read Why Johnny Can’t Preach and King Solomon: The Temptations of Money, Sex, and Power. Both are well worth your time. (Look for a review of King Solomon soon.)

4. Scheduling a move for the week after you get back from a week out of town is unbelievably foolish. It was also unfortunately unavoidable. Our vacation was schedule before we had sold our house and we had to be in our new place in time to register our oldest daughter for junior kindergarten.

5. My wife likes it when I take time off. While she’s incredibly supportive of all my ministry endeavors, she really wants me to take every August off from now on. So, as best as I’m able, that’s what I’m going to do.

6. Blogging is still fun. Despite the amount of work it takes at times, blogging is still a lot of fun and a valuable part of my overall ministry. Glad to be back!

So that’s what I learned during my summer vacation. What’s one thing you learned during your summer?

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